Monday, November 2, 2009

Long Time No See

That goes for you, me, hubby, and this blog!

I had a great time Friday night drinking margaritas (or rather, 'a' margarita) with S. I need to have more girls' nights-out like that!

I joined my mom, grandma, and E for lunch on Saturday. Panera Bread... Mmmmm :)

Then, I spent the rest of the weekend with my folks moving furniture with them. They're getting ready to redo their dining room and office -- both rooms are getting the floors refinished and a new coat of paint -- so all the crap had to be moved out. The process of moving all that crap (which by the way, isn't really trash, it was just a lot to schlep!) inspired me to take pictures of all the family heirlooms. I made a deal with my parents, that if I set up the spreadsheet with all the appropriate rows and columns, they'd fill in the details about each item. I just wanted a way to capture all the stories in one place.

So many of those memories get lost from generation to generation -- especially in our high-tech society. Sometimes it blows to mind to think about pre-historic societies (aka: cultures without a written language) that had to pass down everything through song, story, and word-of-mouth. Their memories must have been impeccable! Does that ever make you wonder whether we're really maximizing our brains to their full potential? Just the thought of it is mind-boggling, don't you think?! (ahh... the irony of that statement) :-p

Happy Monday!


  1. wow, will you share your concept for the spreadsheet and how you are organizing everything? I always worry about so much information being lost between my parents and me. Because it's just me, its so easy for the history to be lost. Somehow my mom and Aunt Jane know everything about all family pieces, but we either don't talk about the specifics, or I just can't remember because I don't know the people involved or I'm just not involved in the lives of the pieces the way they were.

    After reading your post, I'm motivated to do the same thing! It also reminds me of something I read recently about photographing all your important possessions in your home too, more for insurance purposes, but it's the same concept. Let me know how the whole project turns out!

  2. hello family preservationist...that is a cool albeit large undertaking. I am sure that it will be a joy to have that all in one place to share with future generations. I can't wait to hear how it all works out. You are such a good daughter :)
    I had a ball with you drinking margaritas( and I can make it plural) with you. Gotta do it again.

  3. I wish my family kept stuff like that... we've all moved so much that things have been sold or lost. The only things that we have preserved are jewels or musical instruments.


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