Tuesday, April 24, 2012

10 for Tuesday: Anticipation

Thanks to a little inspiration from Jackpot, here's my 10 for Tuesday:

  1. My new bathing suits were waiting at my door when I got home. Now if only it was time to fly to the Gulf already!
  2. I took a break from Mary Kay this month, but she's sending me little signs that it's time to get busy again.  Watch out, May!
  3. Hubby and I have plans to re-stain our balcony, and as soon as we do I'll be able to buy my summer flowers and plant, plant, plant!
  4. I can't wait to see my Goddaughter this week! She's 15 months and changing every day. (I'm looking forward to seeing her momma, too).
  5. A fresh pedicure and my cute little toes wiggling in the warm sun. It's almost time for sandals and flip-flops!
  6. This book I'm reading is HOT. The next few chapters will be fun...
  7. This weekend I'm going to get in some girl-time with my sister-in-law AND catch up on my digital scrapbooking. Yay!
  8. For the next two days I have to work, but not at school. I always love a break from routine and a chance to catch up with my friends who work in other buildings.
  9. Dinner will be delish... we're repeating a recipe that we tried last month for the first time: chicken stuffed with roasted red peppers and feta cheese. Simply scrumptious.
  10. Going to bed early and catching up on those elusive Zzz's...

Monday, April 16, 2012

Brazilian Buddies

Hubby and I hosted our dear friends Lin and Yoko. Lin is actually the guy who introduced B and I all those years ago at that Snoop Dogg concert! We loved having them with us for 3 short days, and we crammed in as many local activities as possible.

Chaps Pit Beef

A Quick Tour of the Inner Harbor

Drinks in Fells Point with Eizzil and her hubby

Six Flags (and yes I actually went on 3 of the roller coasters!)

Red Robin followed by the Cheesecake Factory

A Walking Tour of DC
(including the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the WWII Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Capitol, the American History Smithsonian, and the Butterfly Garden)

Pizza at Ledo's

Lin! Yoko! When are you coming back?!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Custom Curtains

Woohoo! Take a look at our sun room before the curtains...

...and after! The fabric is perfect and my crew of workers couldn't have been better! My mom and I sewed for a day and a half straight (it was a LOT of fabric to deal with) and then my hubby and dad hung the curtains for me today. Aren't they cute?!

Picture perfect!

I got the original idea from a page that I ripped out of Good Housekeeping. I loved the bold print and Roman shades--and I already had the red couch--so I decided to copy cat. The result is just lovely! Whimsical, light, and airy, just like this room should be. I would be remiss if I didn't also mention that I followed a tutorial for the faux Roman shade.

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