Monday, November 22, 2010

Quilt Update

So tonight and tomorrow night we host parent/teacher conferences at school. Technically, I could have gone home between the regular school day and my first conference at 5:30pm, but I would have lost a third of my "free time" just driving back and forth. I came up with a better solution... I brought my sewing machine to work! That's right: for those three hours between work and conferences, I sat merrily at a student desk with my sewing machine and worked on sewing my blocks into strips. Just to make things a bit more fun, I put Funny Girl on the big screen and belted the songs out along with Barbra. Gotta love it! It was way more fun than traffic, and it allowed me to get a lot accomplished. (Here's the actual "quilt update" part: All my strips are sewn, so all that's left to do is to sew the strips to one another to make the quilt top).


  1. Good use of your time. I chuckled when I walked in on that scene :P

  2. This quilt is going much faster than the last. :) I see many more quilts in your future!

  3. i love the new look of your blog--coordinates with your quilt! you are just cruising aren't you?! i love that you brought your machine to school.... i've only fantasized about that.


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