Monday, August 1, 2011

A Gaudi Day

Considering everything we saw (and I wrote about) I should have declared yesterday a Picasso day. That makes today a Gaudi day!

We headed straight to Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia, his unfinished Catholic cathedral (construction was started in 1882). According to B, half the charm is that it's still not finished after all these years, so there's no hurry to finish now. (Just a bit of a cynic, eh?) Inside, the columns are designed to look like trees in a forest.

Afterwards, we continued our trek up-hill to the park that Gaudi decorated. From that high up on the hill, there is a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea. Officially, the park was meant to be a bourgeoisie suburb of Barcelona, but no one wanted to live that "far" from downtown, so only two of the proposed houses were ever built. They look like real-life gingerbread houses. Who wouldn't want to live here?!

We ended our day with dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. I know that we're in Europe and we're supposed to be eating and tasting different food. But you know what? Tonight we missed home, and boy did my fajitas and B's cheese burger taste good!

These are other examples of Gaudi's architecture that we passed in the city.

Overall, we walked over 10 miles today, up and down and all around. We never once used the metro or a cab to get anywhere... just our feet! Take a look at where we went:

Total steps: 21,001... wow!


  1. My favorite places. Gotta love his mosaics!

    Way to go with the walking! That's why I want to live in Europe... you can walk EVERYWHERE.

  2. So picturesque! Love the rainbow windows pic.


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