Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hakuna Matata

We're back from seeing The Lion King on Broadway. AMAZING! We had such a great trip.

We took a bus to NYC and checked into our 4-star hotel, The Kitano, right on Park Avenue.

We had just enough time to freshen up before heading out for our dinner reservation at Joe Allen's. We started with fried calimari and a yummy Malbec. Bruno ordered a steak, and I had shrimp-pesto pasta. Delicious! After dinner we wandered around Times Square a bit before heading to the theater.

For the show, we sat in row K, 11 rows from the stage and just two seats from the aisle, which was perfect since animals walked down the aisle multiple times throughout the show. One of the coolest things was a life-sized elephant (I think there were four people working the puppet: one in each leg), but my favorite were the giraffes! Bruno loved the rippling sun that looked like it was really rising over the African savannah. There were bird kites that flew above our heads and a stampede of animals that rushed down the stage. The singing and music was so moving, they nearly brought me to tears several times. The show was truly everything I had hoped for.


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