Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chirtle, chirtle, chirtle!

I was randomly reading last month's Oprah magazine and came upon a picture of a bird that caught my eye. It wasn't even being featured directly, but rather served as a sort of background for some poem. I did a little google search, and to my surprise found a whole bunch of these treasures! She uses 40-year-old vintage trading stamps as the background and then paints the birds over top. The artist is Laura Levine, and I think part of what makes it so cool is partially the mixed media and partially my sentimentalism for the song birds that I grew up watching in my backyard. Here's one to whet your appetite (it's the one I saw in Oprah)...

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  1. Hey! This is the same idea but cheaper... check it out :)[]=tags&includes[]=title


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