Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Silver Lining(s)

About a week ago I did this team-building activity at a work meeting. We had to read through a list of values and eventually narrow-down the list to the two that we felt were most important in our lives. It was a really difficult task because I had to eliminate things that I really did value (like 'having a family' and 'honesty'). I eventually chose 'doing the right thing' and 'hope'. I felt that with these two values combined, I could justify the other things that I had had to cross off. We just found out on Friday that B got laid off, and at a time like this, hope really comes in handy. Here are my silver linings:
1. Family.
2. Friends that love us.
3. Students that care about me.
4. The simple life.
5. Good books.
6. Good food.
7. A home of our own.
8. Health.
9. Reruns of True Blood.


  1. I think nights like tonight are silver linings, and things that are fun and that you can look forward to.

    ps. I love that True Blood made it on to your list! You have to have fun stuff to relax with and take a break from reality with.

  2. Aww, what a great post. B has a phenomenal wife/friend and I know that your support must mean the world to him. A window has opened and even more good things are heading your way.

  3. Always look for that silver lining :) It's what makes life worth living.



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