Monday, July 5, 2010

Love, Love, Love It!

Gustav Klimt is one of my favorite artists, and the funny thing is that I already have all three of these prints. It's just that they've been separated for my purchasing pleasure. Because of this, two are in my bedroom, while the third is in my entryway. I had no idea until today, that they were originally all one frieze! I actually like them better all together because they seem to tell a story of love: the desire and fulfillment of it. Maybe one day I'll get them re-framed and re-matted to work together as one unit (now that I know!)


  1. You should put all 3 of them together, I love the complete look. Just awesome!

  2. Oh that's so cool! I love how the tree connects all three together, did you realize the swirls were all from the same tree??


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