Monday, August 30, 2010

Snack Update (Day 2)

I just noshed on melba toast + fat-free cream cheese + Craisins and I LOVED it. It totally satisfied my craving for sweets.

Yesterday, in a different sort of mood, I loved my snack of cucumber and Laughing Cow cheese. It helped to tide me over until dinner without ruining my appetite.  So far, so good! Let's just see how long the novelty of it all lasts...


  1. N loves Craisins! I am snacking on ice cream as I am reading this, I should feel guilty but I don't :)

  2. see, you mentioned the novelty of a snack, that's my problem. I get into snacking ruts, I LOVE a snack for a while, then I get tired of it. You just have to keep rotating so the snack always feels like a treat, but is also healthy. I want to try that greek yogurt A mentioned, sounds good.


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