Sunday, August 29, 2010

Snacking is Good

I recently came across this article from Real Simple, and the timing couldn't have been better. Whenever I go back to work, I get HUNGRY and I need to snack. However, I always feel guilty about snacking. Well, now I'm guilty no more!

I thought you would all appreciate the article as well since it's chock-full of exciting snack ideas. I mean... I was inspired to grab a pen and paper to make my grocery list when I saw all of the yummy things they suggested. Hard-boiled egg? Yay! Cheese? Yes, please!

I'm sharing this in the hopes that you'll feel a bit of the same enthusiasm.

Yours forever in snacking...


  1. Haven't read it yet, but thanks so much for sharing! My lunch tomorrow includes oatmeal for breakfast, and orange, apple, yogurt, cheezits [prob bad for me] and some leftovers for actual lunch. At least some of the snacks are healthy...I'm trying to move in the right direction :-)

  2. This is awesome! I love it!

    I work 12 hour days... well, 13 hours, realistically.... Sometimes they make me eat lunch at noon and I don't get home until 8pm and in reality I am lucky if I get dinner before 9pm and I am STARVING by then!

    I need to start packing these healthy snacks and stop buying junk at work (and save me money and calories!).

    P.S. Recently discovered Chiobani greek yogurt... its the bomb. Worth the extra calories and pennies b/c you feel more satisfied and won't eat more.


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