Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to Sewing

With all the fun we busied ourselves with this summer, we didn't exactly have time to sew. I'm glad that today my buddy S came over to keep me company and dust off our machines. Today we worked on gifts for new babies and new houses. Look at what we accomplished!

Appliqued onesies, a bib, and a receiving blanket:
Appliqued onesie and decorated burp cloth:

Set of reversible place mats:


  1. So cute! Can you explain how you applique the onezies? Do you use any iron-on stuff and/or do you have to put anything on the skin-side part of the onezie, like for stiffness or anything...?

  2. Aww, so cute! Very impressive too! Such a sweet gift set. You could def Etsy these....hmmmm

  3. I had so much fun! Sewing with you is the best!


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