Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sister Sleepover Spectacular!

This weekend was QUITE the success. Thanks E!!!

First, we baked the most delicious apple crisp EVER (and then proceeded to eat it all weekend... plus Chipotle burritos... and then some Ledo's pizza, too). All so good!

After lunch, we walked over to Pier1 looking for a chair for E. We measured lots of things, and E even tried out every chair in the store until she found the one that was "just right." 

Notice how comfortable she looks in the next one? She wasn't posing for the camera -- she was really sitting in the floor-model chair, talking on her phone, hugging 'Hootie' the owl.

As we walked across the parking lot from one store to the other, we got our very own fly-by. Just one of the perks of dating an Air Force pilot!

...and in the next store, I found the perfect piece of art for my dining room.

I'm so lucky to have my little sister so close :)


  1. Aww, sister time is the absolute best! Love the artwork!

  2. nice artwork, now where are you going to put that mirror? Still need to go to The Christmas Store or whatever it's called.

  3. Aw. Yay for sister time! I can't wait for some sister time of my own this weekend! :-D

    Love love your art!! Can't wait to see it up in ur home!

  4. Looks like a successful shopping trip! Love the painting. I hope my sister and I can have more sister time too- now that I live closer. Gotta enjoy it while you can!


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