Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity... Causes INsanity

B and I headed out early Saturday morning on our way to change America. We were going to participate in the "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear," hosted by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on the National Mall in DC. Lots of other folks had a similar idea. So many other folks, in fact, that we were unable to appreciate the darn thing! After shuffling about South to North to West for over an hour, we gave up. We were so disappointed at how unprepared they were for the swarms of people. There weren't enough Jumbotrons or speakers. As if that weren't enough, they were scrambling all of the cell phone signals so that we couldn't call or text our friends to establish a meeting spot! We never found our friends, and we never found a place where we could stop and enjoy the show. So, we came up with "Plan B" and walked to E's place to find a little sanity. She and her fiancée were wonderful hosts and welcomed us to stay all day. At last we were able to enjoy a little bit of our day in DC.

The line to pay for parking at the metro station:

The line to buy a metro pass, weaving back and forth through the parking garage...

...and still weaving outside the parking garage:

We are NOT okay with this:

But we out-smarted the lines! We already had metro passes! We could by-pass the ENTIRE snaking line and get right onto an arriving train! (Good thing my claustrophobic phase is over....)

Finally in L'Enfant station on our way upstairs to the rally:

Kinda funny... I thought S might like the sign on the left:

The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear:

The Mall was a wee-bit crowded. To our left:

And to our right (PS: the stage is somewhere in this direction, but we couldn't even see it):

Once we shuffled our way to the other side of the Mall we realized things weren't any better. These are the steps to the National Archives:

And here we are in the crowd of people who, like us, have given up and are just trying to get away from it all. Even leaving wasn't easy!

Hehe... I really, kinda liked this one:

Standing in the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue. I mean, how often to you get to pose for a picture like this?!

In the sanctuary that is E & M's place. Thank goodness for the Game of Life!


  1. I love the apostrophe sign :)

  2. I think the best part of the event was just checking out everyone's signs. Andrew, and Cousin Andrew's signs were very popular and they got stopped for pictures constantly. I keep waiting to see them on some website or something. We could barely hear parts of the show where we were. We left about 2:30 or so, and realized just how packed in we were. We ended up at Union Station for some food and headed home to rest. Turns out walking and standing around is exhausting!

  3. Ugh, what a pain! Thankfully I have never had such headaches to deal with when I am feeling like a protest/rally. So glad I did not make the trek. I will say I love the sign and the babywearing Mommy!!!


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