Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Take THAT, Appliqué!

Me and my sewing machine are kicking butt and taking names.  In my latest project I've FINALLY figured out how to appliqué properly (thank you YouTube tutorials)!  There were a couple tricks which have helped me immensely.  First, double-sided fusible web is a godsend.  Second, stabilizer, duh!  Putting a piece of paper behind what is being sewn (sort of like a backing) keeps things from getting stretched out of shape.  I can't wait to share my finished work with you, but you'll have to wait.  A little suspense never hurt anyone...

*Update! Now that I have given my friend SLD (of Cobble, Cobble) her appliquéd baby blanket, I can share a few pictures with you. The lion came from a vintage sheet that I found at the thrift store. I cut him out and appliquéd him onto the green flannel print. The reverse side has that soft and snuggly brown animal fabric. It was a little difficult to work with because it was so stretchy, but I'm sure baby Cobble is going to love rolling around on it.


  1. Would you please teach me?! I have a stack of onezies to be appliqued!

  2. Ok, so there is hope for me now too? Can't wait for the big reveal.


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