Friday, March 23, 2012

Reclaim Your Free Time!

"Culturally, there's now a vision of work without end as the central focus of one's existence--but leisure is a crucial part of the American Dream."

These words really spoke to me this morning as I lay in bed, about to get up and start my day. Today's plan was to include a complete overhaul (ie: Spring cleaning) of my house. I still intend to take advantage of this day to whip things into shape, but first I'm taking a moment to blog and do something that I enjoy.

"To reclaim our free time--and enjoy it--'shifting our standards is critical... our expectations that we can get everything done are totally out of sync with our lives.' We would be happier if we prioritized time for ourselves, thereby allowing ourselves to tackle our responsibilities later in a better frame of mind. In our survey, women who set aside free time on a regular basis even though they had not finished all their chores were happier, more cheerful, and more optimistic."


  1. I agree, I had lots of plans for today too, but mostly did things that made me happy, tidy up parts of the house, paint my toes [with my nice MK polish!], cuddle with the cats...hope your day was nice and relaxing!

  2. Love free time. A great reminder to put yourself on your calendar :)


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