Monday, March 30, 2009

That voice canNOT belong to that man!

Seriously. I've been wondering what the DJ's look like on the station I listen to on my way to work. So I finally remembered to google them. Seriously? The lead DJ has this kind of whiny voice so I imagined a kind of goofy, chubby, blond guy. I don't know why he had to be blond. Anyway, it turns out he looks like he might as well be from that show "Major Dad." WTF?! Check out his photo here:


  1. Radio personalities never look like their voice. It's best to imagine them :)

  2. There's a man in North Dakota that I talk to all the time for work. Before I met him in person I assumed he was an old man, because he talked soooo slow and paused all the time. Turns out he's basically our age, just acts like an old man. You never know.


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