Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shopping FAIL

I'm convinced. I am not chic enough to shop at Lord & Taylor. The only reason I even ended up inside the store was because my mom wanted to go shopping there. After looking all over for a wool sweater (to take to London) I instead found a cute red jacket. An EXPENSIVE red jacket. But that's ok because my mom helped to finance it as a late birthday present. When I got home later that night, I modeled it for hubby and the first thing he noticed were two holes along the front seams. Arg!

So the next day I drove all the way back down to the Annapolis Mall. I had called ahead and the saleswoman had the only other in-stock jacket waiting for me. I took one look at it and realized that it TOO had holes in the same places. It took two trips and the saleswoman to help me realize that those holes weren't actually holes. As if Anne Klein would make a mistake like that! Bah! It was the thread unraveling. You know, the thread that holds the POCKETS closed while transporting the clothes to the store. Like I said, I'm so not chic enough for Lord & Taylor. I think I'll just stick to shopping at Ross and thrift stores.

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