Monday, April 27, 2009

Confession Time

I read my own blog. Repeatedly.

Maybe if enough other people started their own blogs, I would have something to occupy myself with!


  1. hahaha, so do I. Hoping that you've updated so I have something to do....though somehow I don't think I could do my own blog. I feel like no one wants to hear what I do.
    So far today:
    Got up at 8ish, after sleeping for a while w/ Meatball as a neck-warmer. Got some laundry started, opened up work email, few hours of work done. Doing laundry simultaneously. Set my little plants outside so they could actually get some real sun today. Watered my veggies/herbs. All still alive! Yay. The basil actually looks like it's growing. Cleaned up the kitchen counter- looks like it's ants season again. No matter how hard we try they always find their way inside. Meatball is curled up on the couch, Betty is on a cushion on the floor by the deck. That's my day so far- super exciting :-) Liz's blog just for you!

  2. Hey, I do the same thing because people don't post as often as I do... :( So sad.

  3. Hahaha, I love it, I used to read my own blog all the time, too! And okay, I'll admit it, your blog is starting to make me want my own blog again. It'd definitely give me something to do at work, lol.


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