Friday, May 14, 2010

The Day the Hail Came

Well, the hail looked really cool -- blasting downward out of the sky, ricocheting off of the back wall of our balcony, and bouncing off of the ground. Then I noticed our screens.

The hail was not cool. Not only do we need to replace our screens, but we have the added joy of not being able to REMOVE our screens in order to take them somewhere to be repaired. Yeah, it's really neat how the screens are permanently attached to our building.

At least my flowers weathered the storm... right?


  1. when was this storm!?! Glad the flowers survived, stinks about the screens though. If they are attached, does that mean it's a condo association issue not your responsibility?

  2. Yea. This storm was crraazzyy. It woke me from my nap. hehe. It sounded like some one was continuously throwing rocks at my window.


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