Thursday, May 27, 2010

These Stitches Itches (and other prattling nonsense)

So I know that's bad grammar... but give me some poetic license, okay?  I have 12 more days until I go back to the doctor to have them taken out. Ugh! I don't know if I'll be able to make it that long (hehe).

In other news, I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with life (or more specifically my house) these days.  I think it was William Wordsworth who wrote "the world is too much with us."  Something like that.  Okay, no. It's exactly that.  I couldn't leave those words quoted, and possible incorrectly, so I just Googled it. And checked it. And that's exactly what he wrote.  If I were writing those lines today, I might change them a bit to say that my house is too much with me.

My house looks like a bomb went off and there's really no good reason for it to look that way.  It's not like I just came back from a month-long trip and my suitcases exploded everywhere (I wish).  It's not like a have a toddler running around the house messing up everything.  It's not like I don't have a place for everything.

Oh wait, that IS the problem.  Space.  Who knew that without enough storage space, one's house would slowly become a miserable mess of piles.  Of "stuff."  I desperately want to unload a lot of this "stuff" but you see, that requires mental effort.  "Do I really need this?"  "Can I replace this if I change my mind after I've gotten rid of it?"  "Should I donate it or try to make some money off of it?"  "If I'm keeping this, WHERE am I keeping this?"  Oh yeah... and then the physical effort of actually putting it back where it belongs.  Everytime!

Does anyone else have problems like this?  Am I the only one?


  1. Um...welcome to my house. The 'guest room' is currently my staging room. All the clothes I bought at the outlets, not yet hung up, where I take off clothes that aren't dirty enough to get thrown in the laundry, pairs of shoes, desk covered in paid bills and stuff that needs a home...we all live like this. We just clean up before other people usually see it. I hope to do this Saturday before you all come over Sunday :-) Whatever you see Sunday, just imagine that it is better than what it was before I attempted to clean up.

    Just do one pile at a time, the move to one 'area' of the room, then one room at a time. You can do it! Hopefully we'll have a yard sale in the future motivating us to get rid of stuff.

  2. ugh, you are not alone. It will get better or maybe B can call hoarders and they will bring in a pro...I kid, I kid.
    Poor C, I feel your pain and wish I had some advice but I have my own problems over here :P

  3. I think it's called life ;) Your house will never be as neat as you want it to be... but what fun is having a neat house when you can be out enjoying other things? I'm OCD about neatness but I've learned to let go because there are more important things!

    As for advice... I agree with "eizzil"... just do a five minute challenge every night... tackle the junk drawer or go through your shoes and pick out ones you're not wearing, etc.

  4. Oh yea, my apartment is a disaster. I clean the toilet regularly and get dishes off the counter, but thats been it. I don't have enough room for all the other clutter or the energy to find a hiding space for it. ug. I don't want a house though b/c I don't want to have an entire house to clean.


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