Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Not-Ugly Car Trash Bag

As you may remember, both S and I bought the same sewing machine, and today we got together to make our first projects using our new machines. Upon buying her new machine, S's best friend surprised her by sending her a copy of the book One-Yard Wonders (yes, I covet it).  We decided to make the Not-Ugly Car Trash Bag.

We had a great morning/afternoon -- just us girls -- and after about 5 hours of measuring, cutting, cursing, and sewing, we finished.  They're so pretty, I don't know how we'll be able to put any trash in them!

Check out S's awesome butterfly print:

Ironing, not very carefully -- pay attention to what you're doing!

Sewing, very carefully:

The twins... aren't they lovely?!

The banes of our existence! Broken pin heads, broken needles, and seam rippers. UGH! seam rippers...

VOILA... finished! Coming to a car near you:


  1. Nice! Great job girls! :)

  2. I love this post. Had an awesome time with you...I can't wait until we pick out our next project. I am rethinking the whole use it for trash idea :)

  3. sweet, glad the new machine is working out well! I'm sure we'll see lots of projects coming from your house now :-)

  4. Where's that butterfly print from? Cool projects. Congrats on the baby--I mean, sewing machine. I have that book, too.


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