Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day?

I know this is a crazy thing to admit, but I'm not sure if I really want one tomorrow. I mean -- who am I to scoff at a day off? A day to sleep in past 5:15am?  But truly, tomorrow would be a good day to actually GO to school and get things done. It's scheduled to be a 3-hour early dismissal day, which means that I get 3 hours all to myself in the afternoon. However, if there's any sort of white stuff tomorrow morning (the kind that would normally warrant a two-hour delay) they'll have to cancel school altogether! So it's a pass/fail situation. We'll either have school or we won't. I'm letting my snowman candle burn to see if he can lend a helping hand one way or the other. I haven't used him yet this year, so it remains to be seen whether he brings snow or keeps it away...


  1. I'm thinking snowman candle will bring snow... but then again, burning a snowman would MELT him thus leaving NO snow. Wow... the conundrum.

    I'm on the edge of my seat to find out what happens. It would be HEAVENLY to sleep in tomorrow without T around though.... but I'm with you. I just want to be at work and get it all done.

  2. At Cap City we wear our pajamas inside out and put a spoon in the freezer to bring snow. Once last year, the principal announced these snow-bringing methods to the school. Then we had 2 blizzards. Coincidence - I think not! I did it Monday night, and we had a late opening on Tuesday :) There's power in the superstition. Just sayin'!

  3. M!! You must've been right! Burning a snowman is like MELTING snow. D*mmit!! I mean I "wanted" to go to work, but here I am at 5:20AM and it sure would have been nice to snuggle back into bed...


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