Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun-filled Friday!

1] Today was a kid-free day at work. Went to a professional development meeting instead. And I kinda-sorta enjoyed it! We were given a long, 2-hour stretch to just explore and play with new websites. I loved Storybird. You should check it out. I mean it!

2] Met up with S for lunch afterwards. And she brought along her little cutie! So much fun, so many smiles.

3] The two of us chose yarn for the new wreaths we're going to make for our doors. Spring colors were in order. She chose a vibrant, multi-color yarn with greens and yellows. Very pretty. I couldn't wait to get started, so as soon as I got home (even though I was still wearing my work clothes) I sat down to start wrapping a bit. Can't wait to finish!

4] Going out tonight with friends for dinner and drinks. Really looking forward to this, too. Eizzil and her hubby will be there to meet B's Brazilian friend. Should be lots of fun!

I hope that your Friday--like mine--is setting the right tone for this weekend!


  1. Oh, I finished my wreath...couldn't wait. I enjoyed hanging out with you too. I made sure your day was not kid-free ;)

  2. Glad you girls got to go out and have fun.

    It would be nice for all of us to go out one day-- it has been a long while.


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