Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Special Sunday

This past Sunday, B and I became godparents to Lailah Faye. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and the ceremony was wonderful. Father Flynn's message was rather cautionary, but I think he meant well. His stream-of-consciousness got the best of him when he said things like, "Water brings life, but it also takes it away. Warn your children not to go near swimming pools when you're not there."

Because of this baptism, I've enjoyed reflecting on all the wonderful moments that life brings. The timing couldn't have been better, either, with the buds springing to life outside. Lailah is such a special baby and B and I feel so blessed to have been made a part of her life.


  1. Godchildren are such a gift! Glad that you and B were chosen to share that special relationship with Lailah Faye (love that name!). Nice pic too.


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