Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

I just wanted to let you girls know that I've been thinking about you lately!
--Gma: we need a nice long chat.
--E: I hope you're not stressing too much about your wedding planning. What do we do next?
--MP: let's plan a mother-daughter day soon.
--L: aren't you ever going to finish your thesis? I miss hanging out.
--Eizzil: so glad we're getting together this weekend. What should we do?!
--Cobble: still torn about what dessert to *subject* you to.
--Fitz: where are you?
--Bec: bring your bike over here--let's go for a ride!
--MMC: love all the little gifts you're always spoiling me with.
--S: I feel like we've lost our way... let's pick a date for our first 2011 sip 'n sew.
--J: so glad to have you as a *second mom.* Still loving your leftovers.
--Bia: can't wait to hear about your birthday trip!

Love you ladies! You keep me smiling day in and out :)


  1. Oh, what a thoughtful post. We have to plan it soon....especially the sippin' part!

  2. Love it! Bikes make me so happy - we could go for a ride and snap photos wherever we end up :) I have the perfect pack for bringing a camera along. Maybe when it gets warm? Sundays are lovely for me!

  3. Thanks for thinking of me! Lets see, we could just get together and craft while we chat? Or if you need to shop/prep for that evening I can help w/ that...the possibilities are endless. Lets start with a time...I'm free any time after 10 [gotta sleep in :-) ]


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