Wednesday, December 15, 2010

In a Blogshell

I've been collecting ideas and pictures over the past couple weeks to share with you all, but I haven't had a moment to stop and blog.  Considering the fact that my family is celebrating Christmas together this weekend, I still don't even really have time... so here it is, in a "blogshell."

I baked cookies with my mom and grandma:

Eizzil, B, and I went to a Christmas party at Ricky's!

And I've been working on my second quilt. This is me, tonight, finishing sewing the binding on! All that's left is to hand-stitch the other side of the binding. Will I make it?


  1. I love your grandma. So cute! I can't wait to see the finished quilt... you've breezed through that thing although I'm sure it has been a challenge!

    Now I see why you can't meet up with me ;)

  2. YES you will make it! And it will be awesome and loved. I too will have last minute crafty Christmas items in the works, good luck!

  3. It is so awesome that you are enjoying this season with all of the people you love. And the quilt? No worries you are at the finish line!


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