Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Nail Art

I decided to splurge today and buy myself an O.P.I nail polish (upon the recommendation of December's issue of Good Housekeeping). Before this, the "fanciest" nail polish I had ever bought was probably a $5 Revlon. But now I've crossed over into the world of professionals! I'm now the proud owner of a bottle of "Not Tonight Honey" (tee-hee) and I've already painted my nails. Let me just say, the extra money seems to have been worth it! Who would have guessed that the brush would be so much better? Even though I haven't painted my fingernails in years, it was easy as pie with the wide, smooth applicator. Sweet! Now my hands are all glammed-up for the holidays.

Kinda takes me back to the days when I would give myself weekly manicures with hand-painted designs. Can you believe, I wanted to be a nail artist? I used to get sucked into those Saturday-morning commercials for the "Nail Tech School." LOL
*Photo added per Becca's request :)


  1. Literally, laughing out loud at the Nail Tech career that you by passed! Glad you like the color, I can't wait to see your glam hands!

  2. Your nails always looked awesome in high school. I liked "I'm not really a waitress" when I last got a pedicure. I always convince myself that the OPI is too expensive, but maybe I'll take your lead and splurge too! Let me know how long the manicure lasts.

  3. I love Cozu-Melted in the Sun :) OPI is awesome... especially the names. Glad you're back to your nail tech ways ;)

  4. Uhhh, pictures?! Come on! I was witness to the nail art, and even if it's one color, I want some photos that will transport me back to high school :)


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