Saturday, December 11, 2010

O.P.I Update

Well, Eizzil asked me to give you all an update regarding how lasting the fancy-schmancy nail polish is. As of yesterday, I had a few small chips on the tip of my right-hand pointer finger. Probably because I'm right-handed and I was busy baking cookies all day!  I'm guessing that if I had reapplied a clear top coat every night, maybe this wouldn't have happened?  (PS: I still really like the color.)


  1. good to know. Do you think the price of the polish is worth it??

  2. I really do like OPI. Its just a nicer polish and it lasts longer than other polishes (doesn't get as goopy). It may not be worth it to have a whole bucket of OPI, but def worth it to have a few on hand. My sister in law is a little nuts though and has a hug bucket full of OPI... and yes I envy and use every time I babysit there.

    Plus I love the fun names :-D


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