Thursday, July 21, 2011


We woke up early this morning to catch a train from Paris to Marseille, and then to Aix-en-Provence (in Southern France). It was so early, in fact, that we were able to chat with some of our friends who were still awake the night before... the 6-hour time difference is so weird!

Once we got to our new city, we spent the day wandering through the narrow streets, appreciating the fountains for which they're famous. We stopped for crepes, pastries, and dinner goodies. B was inspired and stopped in three different stores to buy meat & cheese, freshly-baked bread, and a bottle of wine. We feasted on the terrace of our hotel room as the sun set. The weather here is much warmer and milder than what we experienced in Paris, so we really enjoyed soaking it all in. Such a beautiful day!

Look at all the cheese!!!

I can't believe B stopped long enough for me to take this photo. Once he had that hot, fresh bread in his hand, he was ready to drag me down the street back to our hotel.

(Total steps: 11,340)


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