Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lisbon Highlights

We walked through several plazas and along narrow streets from our hotel down to the waterfront. At first, we were disappointed by the city and felt that it was tired and run-down looking. Thank goodness we realized that there was more to the city than that. It was just a bad first impression.


(much better!)

We ate dinner by the River Tagus as the sun set. Lisbon has a statue that reminded us of Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro and a bridge that reminded us of San Francisco!

The next morning, we ate the most delicious breakfast of our entire trip: a ham and cheese sandwich, followed by the famous Portuguese “nata pastry” (one of many that we ate while walking around the city—B basically wanted to eat one every time he passed a bakery)! Look at that face.

When we passed a little bar that sold a particular egg and ham sandwich that his grandma makes, he had to stop and eat one, even though he wasn’t even hungry. Look at that face (again!).

At 2pm, we got on a bus headed out of the city towards the town of Sintra. What a beautiful place tucked away into the hillsides of the mountains. When we stepped off the bus, we were expecting more of the same muggy heat that had oppressed us in Lisbon. Instead, it was like the place was air conditioned. No wonder all the monarchs always put their country “houses” in the mountains! We walked around for two hours and took in all the sights and tastes (B was eating pastries again)!

(Did you notice the name on the house??)

The tour bus then took us along a scenic route back to Lisbon. We visited Cape Rock—the furthest point west of continental Europe. It was ridiculously windy, and I was not prepared. My hair was always in my face and I felt like my purse would have blown off of me if I hadn’t secured it with my non-camera-holding hand. Like all the other places we passed along the Atlantic coast (including the sea port town of Cascais where B is posed in front of the boats), it was gorgeous.

When we finally made it back to Lisbon, we decided to order the exact same dinner at the exact same restaurant as yesterday. That’s how much we loved the lombinho and veal. Mmmm!

Total Steps: (7/25) 6,893 and (7/26) 14,160


  1. So hungry after this post ;) Enjooooy!

  2. You should have stayed in your Villa. When you guys get home eating will be quite a disappointment :)


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