Sunday, July 17, 2011

Paris in 16,172 steps...

The Louvre - This, our first morning, was cold and rainy. Only about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. What happened to summer in Europe?! I was hating myself for not having packed any pants.

Arc de Triomphe - After a quick power nap at the hotel, we were ready to take on the day. Luckily, the sun decided to come out so the weather wasn't as miserable as before. We climbed a bajillion stairs to the top and enjoyed the view.

Champs Elysees - We walked along the main street and its gardens.

The End - We had dinner in a little cafe. Wine. Fois gras. Quiche lorraine. Yum! Later, when we got back to the hotel, B found the Women's World Cup finals on TV. We caught it just in time to see the Japanese team win. I said to B that even though of course I'm supposed to be rooting for the US, it was really moving to see the Japanese win because it obviously meant so much to them.

I hope you all have a good week! Tomorrow we're off to see Versailles.


  1. So jealous! Enjoy your time ;) Remember, if it's too cold, they do sell pants in France. Haha.

  2. Yay for time in France! Have fun and stay warm :P

  3. What, no pants!! You clearly don't come from the same school of over packing as I do! Hopefully the weather does hold out, and as MMC said, get yourself some awesome French pants! Looks like you are enjoying yourselves already. Have fun and keep the pictures coming :-D


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