Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Why was I out so late you ask?

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band were at the Verizon Center last night in DC, and B and I were there! Floor tickets, baby :)

My blog would be imcomplete, however, if I failed to tell you about the REAL drama that took place before the show. While having dinner at Rosa Mexicana's (seated on the patio) a girl-fight broke out in the street. One woman was on her back on the asphalt while the other pounded on top of her. The police came and broke things up. It was apparently the only action in the city because the initial cops were followed by a cop on a bike... a cop on a segway... a K-9 cop... a fire engine... and then an ambulance. Overkill, right? We watched the dog search the one woman's car (the one who had been on the ground). Three people ended up in cuffs... one for fighting and two for drugs. A fourth guy conveniently stepped out of the second car and left the scene. We are sure that as soon as he saw the dog sniffing the first car, he loaded up his pockets and rocked out of there. Smart guy. Interesting dinner!

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  1. oh my... I love Rosa Mexicana! Sounds like an eventful night, glad you had a blast!


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