Sunday, May 3, 2009

Emergency Call

Remember how people used to joke about the Hallmark commercials (and how they always made people tear-up?) Well that's how I am with the On-Star radio commercials. Without fail, every time I hear those recordings of people calling for help and the operator comforting them, my eyes get all watery. It just happened to me on Friday when I was less than 5 minutes away from work. I had to fight off the tears so that I wouldn't go into work all red and puffy. I think the reason those calls always get me so much is that I had to call 911 myself once. Several years ago, my dad had a really bad fall and crawled into the house in bad shape. While my mom comforted him, I called for an ambulance. Now, every time I hear an On-Star commercial or see an ambulance going by with its lights and sirens on, I relive every step of that night.


  1. I remember that day, it was the day of your birthday party, and I heard the call over the police scanner my parents have. I'm glad your dad was able to recover so well and everything was not worse.

  2. Okay, 1) I cry at On-Star commercials, too, and it makes me feel less silly knowing that you doo too! 2) Way to bring up a seriously depressing memory...and I didn't know you were the one that called 911, I guess I just assumed the MP did.

  3. Yeah, I guess the fact that I called 911 isn't something I really go around bragging about. But I remember being SO calm, cool, and collected while on the phone. You know how Alex said George was calmer under pressure? That's how it was for me.


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