Monday, May 25, 2009

Worst Movie Ever.

There are only two movies that I can say that I've ever walked out on. The first was The Thin Red Line. I was on a date years ago, and we hated it. So we walked out. The second was I am Legend. B and I were watching it together. In fact, he's still in the other room watching it on HBO. It was so stressful and depressing to me that I walked out, and here I am hiding in the other room watching a re-run of 90210 and blogging. Dang.


  1. I watched part of that one time, I forget why I didn't see the rest of it [i am legend]. I know Andrew was interested in it b/c I think it came from a graphic novel'd have to check w/ him on how accurate it was :-) So, I've never seen it to the end either.

    Talking about NEW movies though, we really want to see the new Pixar movie, "Up" this Friday. It looks so cute!

  2. A re-run of 90210! *tear* I'm so proud. :) Wait, I'm only proud if it was a re-run of the REAL 90210, not that new teeny-bopper show.


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