Sunday, May 3, 2009

National Scrapbook Day!

When B and I had our wedding reception in 2007, I had a scrapbook to explain how we met and dated long-distance, how B applied and was accepted to a Master's program here, and finally how we were married in July. My in-laws loved that scrapbook so much, that I wanted to make one for them to remind them of their first trip here to visit us.

So, yesterday was awesome because I was finally able to finish their book (almost). I hung out with 3 friends (and 10 other women) and worked on my scrapbooks all day. Now all I need to do is write the stories for each page. The thing is, I'm relying on B to help me with translating all that into Portuguese for them, so it makes it rather convenient for me to procrastinate! I love making the scrapbook pages... I just don't like writing on them.

The thing is, I can't procrastinate much. We just found out yesterday that they're going to buy tickets to come visit us in July. Yay! B is super excited because we weren't expecting to see them again until Christmas. That would have meant that they hadn't seen each other for over a year.

All in all a good day! (here's one of my favorite pages)

1 comment:

  1. Looks nice :) Way to go! Now if only you could do my scrapbooking for me, that would be great!


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