Monday, July 20, 2009

Back from the dead?

As I mentioned to S on the phone this afternoon, I was planning on pulling up my cucumber plant. I'd given up on the poor thing (I mean look at it for goodness sakes!)
The leaves are all crunchy and dried up, and the awesome little tendrils are like fried pieces of straw.
But at the last moment I noticed a teeny-tiny baby cucumber fighting its way through the summer heat. Notice that this cucumber is currently smaller than the yellow flowers (and you can see from above how small those are!) Thank goodness I noticed it before I ripped it out of the dirt!


  1. glad you saved that one from the grave...your Uncle John would be so proud. I see you are trying to be a gormet chef these days. I like :)

  2. No kidding! Do you have any openings on your cooking show for an assistant?

  3. Fight little baby cucumber, fight!!!

  4. Yeah, apparently I snapped a picture just in time. That thing shriveled up like a raisin so I pulled up the whole plant. I'm done with veggies!

  5. haha. Out of the 10 or so baby peppers I had on my plant a month ago, only two are alive and growing. But they haven't seemed to get any bigger in the past few weeks but they don't look done yet, so I'm just watching...My cherry tomatoes are doing well though. But with only one plant, there's never really enough for one salad. I'm proud none the less.


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