Saturday, July 25, 2009

Concert Last Night!

B and I had a blast last night at the Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Bob Dylan concert. We got poured on (well, B did but not me because I didn't care about being in front of the stage so I hid under-cover when the t-storm rolled through). But anyway, once the rain cleared I joined B and sang along to some of Mellencamp's classics. Can you believe that he played "Hurts So Good" for us -- it was the first time he had played it in at least 5 years!! Very cool.

What was not cool was Bob Dylan. I've heard all the jokes before about how he's incomprehensible, but this was faaar worse than what I anticipated. He was literally just grunting out syllables. I told B he sounded like a muppet... Animal to be exact. His music was so mundane and his lyrics (which is what made him famous) were lost to his tuneless grunts. Kinda sad, really.

Good thing we actually went to see Mellencamp! We were not disappointed.


  1. Oh, it sounds like you guys had a ball. I am glad you are enjoying your summer.

  2. My in-laws had to wait an hour in the parking lot before leaving... that's how bad it was on the way out. Be glad you left early!
    Cute pictures and I love what you're doing with picnik!

  3. THAT'S the shirt I wanted to give to you!!!! Hahahaha. So funny that you went through the pile and picked it out on your own. ;) Did you grab the gray one too??

  4. E - I KNEW that when you saw me in that shirt you'd say something! You got my vmail about how I took clothes from that pile, right? (and yes I took the grey one too, but the green is just so much perkier!)

  5. Yes I got your vmail, the funny thing is remember how I told you I had two cute shirts that just didn't fit me right, but I thought they'd look good on you? That's those two shirts! I totally bought them at a yardsale for like 50 cents each last month, so I'm glad to see my dollar purchase is being appreciated by someone! Lol. :)


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