Monday, July 27, 2009

The bane of my existence:

Chevy Chase Bank.

Ugh, I am SO trying to cut my ties with them... but I'm finding it impossible!

Months ago I decided I wanted to close my account. I was told I'd have to have all three account holders in person at the same bank at the same time in order for that to happen.

I didn't like that answer, so I emailed that same question to their customer service people. They sent me a blank signature form and said I just needed everyone's John Hancock and that would be enough. True to form, I procrastinated.

So last week I finally found some time to head over to Chevy Chase and get things over with.

FIRST of all, the bank manager who was helping me (her name is Carin... interesting spelling, right?) did not even ask for proof that the other people named on my account are ok with me closing the account. Probably because there's so little money in there, who would even care about it?!

Second, she unfortunately informed me that that lunch at Chipotle which I had bought with my debit card only 30 minutes earlier would need at least two days to post. There was nothing she could do until after that.

So I'm irked... but what can I do?! I charged lunch to the very same account I was trying to close... duh! I hid my check card to make sure I wouldn't make the same mistake twice.

Today I went back into the same branch and met up with Carin again. She asked if I had used my card and I said "Of course not!" We're good to go, right? Nope! This stupid educational thing that I have a subscription to apparently "automatically" charged me yesterday. YESTERDAY!!! So now I have to wait, again, until at least Thursday when this new charge will have posted.

Carin said she'd see me Thursday. So funny.


  1. but you have nothing else you would rather do with your time :)

    an aside:
    my word verification word for this post is BITTER tee hee :)

  2. HAHAHAHA... how appropriate :)

  3. ugh, I've been procrastinating as well for closing my act. But I think I still want it, just not w/ my mom as the co-account person. What did B do w/ his? Is he keeping PNC? I was looking into switching to them for my eventual "fun $" act. when we get around to doing that. As much as they annoy me, I like the convenience of Chevy Chase.


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