Saturday, July 4, 2009

Remember Me?

Well... things have been BUSY lately, and I'm sorry to admit that blogging was one of the things that had to be set aside. First of all, B and I were kicking butt and taking names (in terms of cleaning our house in prep for the in-laws). We even changed the knobs on our kitchen cabinets, which led to completely cleaning the cabinets and scrubbing off all of the layers of grease-grime. Let me just say, the place is lookin' GOOD :)

Then, B got me Sims 3, which has been both fun and headache-inducing. In order for it to work properly (and to keep it from crashing) I have to completely disconnect the internet and turn off my McAfee whenever I want to play. It's not easy to disconnect the McAfee so I found it was easier to just keep my computer ready to play Sims at a moment's notice (aka: no internet). I'm sure you can see how this might cause a lapse in my blogging.

Finally, the in-laws, are of course HERE! They arrived on the 1st and will stay until the 23rd. So far we've been having a good time together. Yesterday we had a marathon day of Outlet shopping in Hagerstown. They go crazy over the deals. With the holiday sales they were able to buy Tommy Hilfiger polos for about $25, whereas those same shirts would have cost them at least $80 in Brazil. You can see why they're crazy about shopping here.

Anyway, I'll do my best not to go missing for so long this next time, and I promise to catch up on everyone else's blogs asap. I hope you're all enjoying this beautiful summer weather!!

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