Sunday, July 12, 2009

Quick, quick

It's ironic to me that at a time when I'm doing so many different things -- so many things that aren't routine -- I find that I don't feel like blogging about them, even though these are precisely the interesting things you'd probably like to hear about! It's just that... well... I don't want to waste precious time on the computer! Here's a quick run-down of some recent activities:

- outlet shopping w/the in-laws
- fourth of july fireworks
- sick (thanks to some snot-nosed student)
- reading poolside (I just finished "My Lobotomy")
- fieldtrip to a nature center (cool, yet stressful)
- mall w/mom and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory
- quarry swimming w/friends
- margaritas at home with the family


  1. well you are having fun so that later lady,live it up now!!!

  2. What nature center did you go to? I remember going to one w/ my dad all the time as a kid.

    Quarry swimming sounds fun, I've never done that. Andrew has scuba dived in a quarry though.

    So, was "My Lobotomy" good? I'm looking for beach books.

    When you aren't super busy Andrew and I wanna get together w/ you and Bruno.

  3. I totally agree. Life has been crazy lately, but I just haven't felt up to really blogging about it. Sometimes posting pictures on facebook is just a much easier way for me to tell the story, lol. That's a hint, by the way, to go look at my new pictures on facebook.... :)


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