Friday, June 12, 2009

A Food Equation

if Food = Good, and Family = Fun, then...

Food + Family = Good Fun!

Last night was E and M's turn to cook for sibling dinner night. They came over to our place. This is E's disapproving look at the sorry state of my kitchen--she has no room to cook!
Yet somehow she managed to make it happen. PS: I helped -- a lot. The boys ended up just drinking beer and shootin' the breeze while E and I made dinner. Figures!
Here's my brother. Isn't he cute?
So last night was M's debut, and he came out in style! Check out his HOMEMADE cake. Yes, that is fondant. Yes, the fondant is in 3 different colors. Yes, there is a layer of strawberry filling inside that cake! Yes, he did that all from scratch -- he even dyed the fondant himself. Call up Ace of Cakes!
PS: I made banana nut bread. And it was good :)


  1. Wow that is an awesome looking cake and the banana bread is picture perfect!!


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