Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Radio Schmadio

So lately B and I have been complaining about this particular radio morning show. We've just been feeling like the DJs seem to live in a parallel universe that has been unaffected by any sort of recession. They're always spewing snobby opinions about things. One time Erica Hillary suggested that anyone who didn't get dancing lessons before their wedding wasn't classy. This morning, B turned the radio on just in time to catch that same DJ talking about buying some new jewelry to "adorn" herself with to go along with the designer dress that she bought for the party she was going to. Apparently she excused her purchases by saying that "it's important to feel good" when going out. Ugh.


  1. Maybe she is trying to end the recession one pair of pumps at a time :)

  2. This is sort of like what I was talking about the other day, I don't know if it was with you, but I feel like those DJs you are referring to sit on this high horse everytime they talk about celebrity gossip. As if they really KNOW the celebrities and have a right to judge them. Just give me the facts (even if they aren't even facts), but you don't have to give me your snobby opinion along with it. And if I hear them report on The Hills and then bitch about how silly The Hills is one more time I might just pick up the phone and express my opinion directly to them! I mean, if you think it's trashy/annoying/silly whatever, then DON'T report on it!!! Whew, I feel like I needed my own little blog for that rant.

  3. Oh, you were talking to me... and YES! The thing is, that show has the best interviews in the morning, and when they're not on their high horses, I DO enjoy their stories... otherwise I'd boycot them altogether, you know?


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