Monday, June 8, 2009

Twitter, twitter cocoa pop; Twitter, twitter POW!

So all I've been hearing about lately is Twitter. It's not that I hadn't heard about it before, but it's suddenly gained some serious media popularity. Did you know that Time's cover story this week is all about Twitter? Apparently you're not properly locked into the "ambient environment" if you're not Twittering. I'm not sure I care.

But I will say this. I was irked at the way Time magazine made the co-founders of Twitter out to be a pair of geniuses. They wrote about them as if they were the first ones to realize that people wanted to share 140-character "updates" about themselves. Umm... hello AIM? Wasn't that what we were all doing in college everytime we left an away message? And what about Facebook? People have been finishing that "Beeps is ___" prompt for years now. I realize that Twitter is the first one to coerce everyone into paying for unlimited text message plans in order to be "plugged in", but I think that Time should have given credit where it's due.


  1. I completely agree. I thought of IM too, and it does sound the same. I just don't have time for it. I barely have time for my blog or facebook and they aren't as constant. I wonder if I'd get addicted to following other people though, even if I didn't participate myself.

  2. You know... that was the one cool thing about the article. It talked about how keeping track of what cereal all your friends have for breakfast (etc) is actually a good way of staying connected. Instead of calling and saying "How was your day?" you already know.


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