Monday, June 1, 2009

There's Hope!

Today has been full of signs that are all pointing (decidedly so) towards hope and optimism. Days like today are good ones.

My most recent sign? How about this... my dead-looking maple tree (and by "tree" I mean sapling) has FINALLY (though way behind schedule) sprouted leaves for the season. I had all but given up on it. Look closely or you might miss them!

(Photo #1 - Ignore the dead, brown, dangling leaf. That little thing is left-over from last year. Look past that one. Just above it. What's the matter, need a close-up?)

(Photo #2 - Man am I proud of this picture. It looks all professional! Plus, I guess now you can see what I'm all excited about: little red leaves!)

I know this tree looks pathetic and all, but it's kinda important to me, so I'm glad it's making a comeback. It's a seedling from my parents' tree, which has been in our front yard nearly my entire life. L has one of his older brothers planted in her front yard, and let me tell you -- these guys are fighters! Hers got weed-whacked and chewed by the neighbor's dog, but it's still hanging in there!!


  1. Great picture :) Glad the tree is coming back!

  2. Hope is always a good thing...glad that the signs of optimism are all around you!

  3. hehe, glad to see my guy [Hiro] has a strong sibling. What's his/her name by the way??? :-)

  4. There's one of these little guys growing in amongst the iris at home and he is kicking butt too! Glad to see the what looked like hopeless tree, is filled with hope now. :)


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