Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 for Tuesday

I'm taking a cue from my dear Jackpot. Here are 10 random thoughts floating through my head:
  1. I've been hearing A LOT of Portuguese lately. Not sure how I feel about that... At times it becomes so much that my brain just shuts down. How do my ESOL students survive day in and out?!
  2. My brother-in-law is graduating from college this summer. Today he gave us a copy of his graduation photo - a group shot! Man, I so wish that were our custom here. I had many friends in my program that I would've liked to have a photo of. You know, something sentimental to look back on.
  3. Amarula is a yummy precursor to dinner! Why can't I have this every night?
  4. Last night I had a lot of good laughs with my hubby and his brother. Usually my BIL is quiet, so I don't feel like I've had many moments with him throughout the years. It was so nice!
  5. Thank god for summer break.
  6. Why even bother with dinner? Let's just skip straight to dessert every night!
  7. Tomorrow I'm thinking I'll take some time to play with my camera. Maybe I can get some cool shots of the architecture?
  8. Has anyone seen Bad Teacher yet? I can't wait! I know it's giving my profession a bad name, but I'm betting Cameron Diaz's character gets to do a lot of things we only wish we could do!
  9. Thank goodness I traveled with my computer! I was entertaining myself with Sims all day today.
  10. I wish I could hear what I sound like to native speakers when I talk in Portuguese. I imagine I say things like, "it was accident" and other little-kid sounding things. Oh well! At least people can understand me!


  1. 1. What is Amarula?
    2. I miss summer break :-(
    3. Dessert- agreed!
    4. Camera + architecture = Please do!
    5. Glad you are having fun.
    6. Can't wait to see you when you get back!
    7. Are you in the city the whole time, visiting the 'country house' at all?
    8. Learning any new recipes?
    9. How hot is it there? Oh wait, is it winter?
    10. Do they have yard sales in Rio?

  2. 1. What is Amarula? -- a yummy after dinner liquor. It's from Africa, but they sell it in the states. Kiiiinda like Baileys.

    6. Can't wait to see you when you get back! -- Thanks!!!

    7. Are you in the city the whole time, visiting the 'country house' at all? -- So far no, and we probably won't? But we do have plans to visit a new city/town I've never been to called Friburgo. It's in the mountains and apparently has all sorts of crafty things for sale. Can't wait!!

    8. Learning any new recipes? -- Of course! The main one I want to get my hands on is for this DELICIOUS chocolate cake/mousse. It's sorta a mix.

    9. How hot is it there? Oh wait, is it winter? -- It is winter, so it's actually kinda "cold" although I use the term loosely. Think of like the most pleasant Fall or Spring day, and that's what it's like: sunny, warm, cool breeze, clear sky. Beautiful.

    10. Do they have yard sales in Rio? -- I don't think so. Do they have them in NYC? It doesn't really seem like a city kind of thing... but that would be cool if they did!

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