Monday, June 6, 2011

E's Bridal Shower!

As my little sister's matron of honor, it was my job to plan her bridal shower. Luckily for me, she has chosen six other women as bridesmaids... and they all rock! Between the seven of us (plus help from my mom), the shower was amazing.

According to my grandma, we "carried it off with panache." Wow, what a review!

The trick for me, was that I wanted to have her quilt finished before the shower. As you may recall, I'm not the best with deadlines and was actually still hand-stitching the binding on my grandma's quilt after she opened it on Christmas.

So, classic me, I was pressed for time. But with a little perseverance, and one all-nighter, I finished! And she loved her quilt. Hooray! (I'll write more about the quilt in a later blog).


  1. um yeah, more quilt pics! From what I can see it looks awesome!!!

  2. Jumping Bridesmaids? You have to work to be in E's wedding, huh? Glad you had an awesome event.

  3. You and your sister are too cute and you're SO talented!

  4. Loved the party, love our quilt, love YOU! :)


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