Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Joyous Juror

Ha! Hardly...

Today I woke up at my normal, crack-of-dawn time (5:30). I showered, make-uped, and even breakfasted. Wow! By 7:30 I had parked my car and walked to the Circuit Courthouse. Where I sat and waited. Then they called all of us to the registration counter. After which point, I sat and waited. And waited. Luckily I had been forewarned about said "waiting" and had brought my laptop with me. I actually got a lot done on the digital scrapbook I'm currently working on.

But back to the verbena.

I chose a seat in the very last row near a wall outlet. I plugged in my computer and got to work. I couldn't help but notice that NO ONE sat near me. There was obviously a buffer of empty seats around me, most likely because of all my coughing and sniffling. We all sat miserably for several hours. Then the bailiff came and started summoning people. I realized he was reading down the list in alphabetical order. So I held my breath and crossed my fingers. He called McCorey. Then Taylor. PHEW! I was free. So at 11:15 I marched back to my car and drove back to my house. Of course I'm still on-call for the next week, but I'll just have to take this one day at a time.

...and right now, it's nap time!


  1. Well at least you made it past today, and got stuff done! Smart thinking w/ the laptop. You should tell us more about this scrapbook too!!

    Sorry about the cold...feel better soon and I hope you can use some of the weekend to relax or at least sleep in a wee bit. Sorry we'll miss you all at Nick's thing this weekend. We must catch up!

  2. Glad you got out early so you can get a little rest. I was so disappointed when I got jury duty, all day and they did not call me. The pits.
    Cold, cold go away Little Beeps needs to play! And come to work and chat with Jackpot :)


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