Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Layout

Per my momma's request, here's an "aerial view" of the plot. Of course it's not exactly to scale, but I did my best!


  1. This actually totally helps understand better. The MP request was genius. Along with the photos I think I understand. Seems like most people have an oasis back from the street with the nice courtyard and whatnot. For some reason I thought B lived more in the heart of the city in a high rise or something. His house looks really sweet. I can see why it's nice to visit!

  2. Yeah, Liz, you got it (about the oasis)! So his family used to live in a high rise more in the city, but they moved a couple years ago to be closer to his grandparents. His mom is an only child and she feels responsible for taking care of her parents now that they're getting older.


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