Monday, March 8, 2010

Big Love (no spoilers, it's okay)

Well... I just finished watching the last episode of this season's Big Love. I got into the show because of L and she even kept me company (and helped to feed my addiction) while I caught up on the first 3 seasons on DVD. Which I thoroughly enjoyed.

However, they changed the opening credits this season, and instead of the man and his 3 wives skating around on a frozen lake and eventually finding each other, they're now falling hopelessly through blackness reaching out for someone, anyone. I guess that pretty much sets the tone for this entire season: everything is falling apart. I'm left feeling dissatisfied and quite frankly -- unsettled! I think the husband is a power-monger, and I get so annoyed at him for always getting himself (and his family) in over their heads. It seems like every season he has a new plan for "how to take over the world" (hehe--just a little Pinky and the Brain reference). No but seriously, he's always hatching these new plots to get more money, granted with 3 wives and all their kids, I guess he's always in need of more money! Anyway, I just wish he'd settle down and be happy with what he has. But then, what would be the use in watching that?!

I hope next season redeems itself. Hmph.


  1. I just watched the last episode last night! And you are right, the ending is unsettling, not really cliff-hanger, just unclear as to where it will all go. That being said, I will of course watch the next season, b/c there's always interesting stuff happening w/ the characters...and the whole fundamentalist Mormon culture is so strangely interesting I can't help myself. Now what do we watch since this is over????

  2. What WILL we watch?! No Big Love; no True Blood... I feel abandoned!

  3. We'll watch movies our husbands don't want to watch with us! It's time to hit the library or movie store for chick flicks. We can have a ladies movie night.


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