Sunday, March 7, 2010

My First Quilt = DONE

Well folks, here it is... my very first completed quilt! It measures approximately 5 1/2in x 10in. I took a picture with my hand in it so that you all could get a sense of its actual size. I've heard other quilters complain that smaller projects are trickier because you have less room to work with. If that's true, then I'm well on my way! Here are some of the skills and lessons I learned as a result of this beauty:
-rotary cutting
-1/4 inch seams really are important
-sewing straight lines
-sewing on bias tape
-mitered corners
-the joys of scraps

Now I just have to finish my "real" quilt!

Step 1 (from this morning): Use a fabric pen to draw lines on the backside. I followed these lines in order to "quilt" this mini-blanket.

Step 2: Sew in straight lines (this is more difficult than it sounds!)

Step 3: Look up instructions for sewing on bias tape. Thank you AngryChicken! Sew on bias tape.

Step 4: Very carefully miter the corners. This was NOT easy on such a small project. I couldn't use pins; I couldn't get my fingers in there. As a result, some of these corners aren't exactly up to my standards. But I'll get there!

Step 5: Photograph and show off.... Ta-Da!


  1. It looks great. and would be perfect for my old barbie's bed! On to the big project :-)

  2. Very nice :) You can use it to put a little place with jewelry on it or something....

  3. You will have to teach me the binding now. Am I dreaming to think we'll finish ours on Saturday?!

  4. ok so you probably already saw this...cause it's a blog you have on your own blog, but in case not, it's all about basting:


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